Advanced closeD group

Introducing our Advanced Closed Group program, designed to offer a tailored learning journey focused on specific subjects. Each month, we delve deeply into one topic, fostering growth and improvement within a dedicated group setting. To enroll in this course, please complete the application form and submit a video showcasing your dancing skills.

We place great emphasis on curating a high-quality group dynamic, ensuring that every participant contributes to and benefits from the collective learning experience.

Join us at the start of each month to embark on this enriching journey together. Please note that mid-course enrollment is not available to maintain the integrity and cohesion of the group.

Payment must be made at the start of the Month.
Upcoming Subjects for 2024

June: connection in body movement and body posture.


July: Infinito integrations.


August: head movements.


September: cambres.


October: spins and turns.


November: apadting to the follower/leader while dancing.