BODYmovement I

Body Movement I serves as the ideal augmentation to your Fundamentals class.

Now, we’re going  to put all that we’ve learned into action within a well structured class.

In this Intensive, our  Main Focus is in one of Bachata Sensual’s most frequently used “Basic Techniques” – the Wave.


We engage in practical exercises to differentiate between a body wave and a body roll. Furthermore, we delve into the techniques that helps apply the wave across various positions and.

As Bachata instructors, our priority extends beyond simply leading a wave. We place significant emphasis on ensuring you master the movement yourself.


We dedicate a lot of  time  cultivating a comprehensive understanding of your individual movement, by using a diverse range of tools to amplify your self-awareness and to ensure that you reach the next Level.


Please take note that participation in this intensive class requires either prior enrollment in our Fundamentals class or the submission of a video demonstrating your grasp of the fundamental principles necessary for participation in this intensive session.