BODYmovement II

Body Movement II is the perfect addition to our first intensive class.


In the initial phase of our 6-week program, we prioritize essential body movements, including the Cambré, head movements, and hip movements in Bachata Sensual. Through practical exercises, we aim to help you distinguish between isolations and full-body movements, thereby enhancing your comprehension of Bachata Sensual.


We devote ample time to fostering a comprehensive understanding of your individual movement style, utilizing diverse Varaities of tools to heighten your self-awareness and facilitate your progression to the next level.


In the second part of the intensive program, we shift our focus to combining these movements to elevate your skills from an intermediate dancer to an advanced one. We emphasize the art of structuring movements in a cohesive manner, empowering you to blend movements together and develop your unique style and movement patterns in Bachata Sensual.


Please note that participation in this intensive class necessitates prior enrollment in our Body Movement I class or the submission of a video demonstrating your proficiency in the fundamental principles essential for this intensive Class.