Fundamentals class – the cornerstone of every Bachata dancer’s journey.

This is where it all begins, the foundation upon which we build, refine, and perfect our dance.

Our Intensive class is designed to concentrate on the pivotal elements of Bachata, with a particular focus on one key element

– the Basic Step.

This intensive is not a basic course; it’s essential for your development as a dancer, and even advanced dancers struggle with it. Here, we delve deep into the art of hip movement, body coordination, and the body connection in our Basic step of Bachata.

We’re devoted to establishing a rock-solid groundwork in connection. Whether it’s the open position or the Semi-Closed position, through various exercises, we ensure that you reach your desired level.

We also concentrate on different Basic step variations, teaching you when to incorporate them into your dance and how to use different energies to enhance your leading and following skills.

If you’ve been feeling stuck for a while or if you’re looking to establish a solid foundation from the start, we guarantee that this class is tailor-made for you.

Curious to hear more opinions? Discover what past participants have to say about their experience with our intensive class.

"I got everything I wanted out of it"

"It has changed the way we dance, connect, and experience Bachata together"

"The Fundementals add Flavor to the Dance"

"it's a great course, I would highly recommend it"

"they will show you specific exercises to practice at home and Improve"

"It's simply Fantastic!"