kizomba closeD group


Dancing is constantly evolving. These two Kizomba lovers have their roots in Bachata Sensual (Kemal) and twerking (Maggy). These and other elements of Hip Hop and Tango merge to form the new Urban Kiz, which brings individual style and fun.

These very friendly dancers will teach you the basic steps, postures and movements characteristic of the Kizomba style. Particular emphasis is placed on correct posture, rhythm and the connection between the dance partners.

Kizomba Closed Group every Tuesday 7:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m
If you want to learn Kizomba from the beginning, start this 2-month class and learn the fundamental steps to use the really cool figures, or sharpen your existing knowledge to shine even more fluently on the dance floor. To take this class you need a permanent dance partner.